The Switch

So many of you have asked why I switched from Gmail to Hotmail.  And maybe some of you are just quietly, wondering.  I can answer that with 3 words: Windows Live Mail.  Microsoft is in beta with their gmail counterpart.  Now, I really do like Microsoft.  I’m starting to sway towards Microsoft again, and away from Google.  These two giants are going to battle it out to the end…I think you just have to pick one at this point and go with it.  I’m going with Microsoft.
So is that really why I switched?
Well, here are the true details of why I switched:
  • True integration with my preferred instant messaging client (Windows Live Messenger).  I no longer have a distinction between an "email" contact and an "IM" contact.  They’re all the same thing.  I believe these contacts are actually referred to as Windows Live Accounts, now.
  • I was tired of running Gmail Notifier or Google Talk to get notified about when new emails came into my gmail account.  For some reason, I didn’t like the thought of installing software for such a miniscule, albeit, important task.  Hotmail is integrated with Msn Messenger and will tell you when there’s new mail…in a nice, but noticeable part of the application.
  • Spam.  I was averaging at least 10 spam emails into my gmail account.  Yes, most likely, that’s my fault for visiting so many pr0n sites and really, this isn’t much of an argument either because gmail handled all those spam emails spectacularly.  So, I think this is more of the plain fact that I know my email address is circling about around out there, when in fact, it should be stored in trusted contacts.  And I’m sure at some point, I’ll start getting spam email again…but hey I don’t look that far head.

So there a few things to note.  Live Mail currently does not have two things that I enjoyed about gmail; 1) the ability to archive email (easily) and 2) the ability to create filters to throw certain emails into specified folders (or as gmail called it, Labels).  Now, on point #2, gmail’s version of that functionality isn’t that much better or I should say, it was a bit lacking.  You couldn’t designate more than one email address, so I’m really hoping that when Live Mail throws that feature in, they’ll allow more than one email address.

So there you have it.
And I do apologize to everyone that has gone through this with me already.


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