Who’s yo blood donor?

I decided a couple weeks ago that I would start donating blood.  I attribute this decision to my mother.  My mom used to donated blood all the time and now that she’s moved to Toronto, I wanted to do something that I think she would be proud of.  I kind of term it as "picking up the slack" that she left behind 🙂
At any rate, today was the day.  This is the first time I’ve ever donated blood.  I don’t think I was really nervous about it, although, when the lady took my blood pressure, it was slightly elevated.  She asked whether I was nervous and I told her no.  I was more curious of the process than anything.  I asked her whether it matters which arm we use (because I had heard that your dominant-side arm is ‘better’), and she said no.  So, I decided to go with my less dominant arm.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the biggest veins in town.  We started with the left arm, and that barely pumped any blood.  So after a few minutes of wiggling around and it just not working, we decided to go with the other arm.  Fortunately, the blood never reached the bag.  Had it done so, then I would’ve lost eligibility to donate blood; something to do with the amount of blood that’s in the lines…and how that’s a threshold for ‘something’.  Anyways, we went with the right arm and that was much better.  Except, the needle was up against the side of the vein, so I could feel it pulsating.  The guy drawing my blood actually had to sit there and baby sit the whole process…wigglin’, jigglin’ and whatever other movements you can do with a  4 inch needle in your vein.
Overall, it was a good experience.  I don’t think it was a big deal at all that they had to invade both my arms.  I’ll definitely do it again (Nov.4 is my next eligibility).  I didn’t feel woozy or any uncomfortable feeling after the whole process; and I expected to…so that was a pleasant surprise.
This was for you mom.  I love you!

One thought on “Who’s yo blood donor?

  1. I wanted to donate, last week, and I couldn’t because I’ve gotten tattoos within the last three months.  ??
    That sucks…I didn’t know there was a link between tattoo safety and donating blood.  I figured they’d just test me, give me the thumbs up, and let me donate.  Guess not.

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