Liquid ban lifted

As I was going through a horrible ordeal with Frontier today, (I’ll blog about that later), I found some good news in all the mess I was in.  The TSA has lifted the ban on toiletries that has caused much disdain from us road warriors.  The full story can be found here, and starting tomorrow, the lifted ban goes into effect.  I was elated, yet dejected of my Frontier situation.
Enjoy road warriors!

One thought on “Liquid ban lifted

  1. I’ve actually gotten pretty used to leaving my shaving (where I keep my liquids, gels, putties, creams and pastes) kit in the desk before I leave for the airport and picking it back up on Mondays.  I like having that extra suitcase space so I may keep on doing it that way.  Although it would be nice to bring along a bottle of water.

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