Windows Defender Released

Windows Defender was released yesterday by Microsoft.  This is Microsoft’s antispyware application, which I used for a while when it was still in Beta.  I stopped using it for a while but decided to install it yesterday after its release.  So far so good.  Actually, I loved the beta back then, so my guess this is just as good or even better.  The best thing about it, is that it’s free!
You can learn more about it here:

2 thoughts on “Windows Defender Released

  1. I love you, you beautiful Hawaiian boy.  Your site is coming along nicely. 
    We didn’t go skydiving this summer, like we said we would.  Too busy.  We need to go in the spring, for sho.

  2. Been using this since beta too, great free program and has caught a few items that had slipped through.

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