I’m Back!

10.11 mi @ 8:14 pace

Yes, some of you have wondered if I officially checked out…no I haven’t.  I think with all the work shuffle, and just a bunch of other stuff, I needed to just step back a little bit.  Though, I certainly still craved it on my many DNR’s in the past 3 weeks, it was nice to get away from running.  With that said, I was also nervous because I’m 9 weeks aways from the Denver Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon.

So, with the new blog, new job, new routes, new etc., I will have to institute some changes in how I blog.  From now on, I’ll hold back on all the fluff and just put some hard facts up first and a link to my workout.  After that, it will be 2-3 sentences max, unless the run really had something fun to talk about.

Also, I won’t be putting titles on my garmin results anymore… just too much work.

I just have to make sure that blogging about running doesn’t take as long as a 5K 🙂

I just checked, my last “nice” run was almost a month ago!  My 17-miler … but I have a 20 miler next week…let’s nail that one, shall we?

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