Sunday Long Run

10+ mi, 1:27:54, 8:47 min/mi
2 mi of jogging, running around and hanging out

  • 20-mile goal..obviously only halfway
  • Started to get a little bored on the 1.3 mi loop and missing my wife
  • I’m okay with just this 10… I know that my base is lacking right now but only a mild fatigue set in.  If I were to project this run out, I think I would’ve hit 20 mi, roughly around 8:50 min/mi.
  • I still have one 20-miler left, so I will nail that one
  • Achy feet afterwards

At the end of my last loop, I saw my wife coming to find me, so that capped my run.  She urged me to keep running, but honestly, we hardly have had any time together as her hours have been a mix of nights and days and coupled with my school nights, it seems I’ve only seen her partly this week.  It was so nice to see her and and dogs out…I didn’t care about the 20-miler..I’d rather hang out with her and walk around and chase the dogs around!  It was fun!

In terms of my upcoming 1/2Mar on Sept 19, race director Jeff Mason has (or will be) postponing the race.  Because of my full marathon training, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the race whenever they decided to reschedule it.

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