Thursday Tempo

10.27 mi, 1:29:55, 8:41 min/mi (moving pace)

  • Found a good rhythm in my stride and held it for as long as I could… this rhythm had me at around 170 bpm and mid 8:30’s and sometimes below
  • Every time I had a nice downhill stretch, I was already dreading it on the way back… man, Cherry Creek has some really tough hills… I had 4 huge battles on the way back
  • Saw a snake and almost pooped my pants… the dude was just hanging around on a wooden bridge
  • Took a wrong turn so doubled-back (~2 mi mark)… I knew that wrong turn was there… but it was hard to tell when I was actually there…it actually looked like the right turn at first
  • Super nice dirt trail… my run was approximately 70% all dirt… soft, but packed hard enough that minimizes the slip…. lots of horse apples, too.  My route took me all the way to Peoria…holy crap!  On the way back, I could see that cement bridge that sticks out from the damn… and it looked FAR AWAY!
  • Got back and our building is having a little get-together with the other buildings to promote products… they had lemonades and such, so I went straight for that… I can’t say that I’ve ever had a lemonade right after a run… it was soooo refreshing!
  • Lot’s of ‘hoppers… and they’re really starting to annoy me…one flew right onto my HR monitor and made a sound like one of those dog-clickers (for obedience training)…it was hilarious… im sure that left a bruise on him
  • Goal was 8:00 min/mi but there’s no way… either I’m just not cut out for that at this point, or it’s just more difficult over here.  It’s most likely the former… I have to start considering changing my goal time for October… but staying on the same training plan.
  • Oh yeah, it was hot.

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