Thursday Tempo

8.64 mi, 1:06:24, 7:41 min/mi

  • Nailed it!  Goal was 8 mi @ 8 min/mi…I’m 4 for 4 on my training runs this week…which I consider my most important training week for my marathon in just under 4 weeks.
  • 170 bpm avg but felt great…breathing was always under control and didn’t feel super hard… it only became more pronounced during the small climbs.  And, instead of “recovering” after the climbs, I kept the effort consistent which got me around mid-to-low 7 pace
  • I’m starting to find my niche again in running…ironically, it’s got some Pliska in it…but feels good and natural to me… and more important, efficient.  It’s got some bounce in it and the strikes seem very hard but it works.  I imagine my cadence is right around upper 160.
  • All I could think about was sub-8… nothing else entered my mind.  And, every time my watched clicked off a sub-8 mile, it just fed me to keep it up.  I wasn’t sure how I would fair with the hills that have historically kicked my ass since changing jobs here… but today, I owned them.  There were only two times that I held a low-8 pace but it didn’t last long… I just switched back to my stride
  • I thought about experimenting (with my stride), specifically, lengthening my stride whilst still striking under my center… but I ditched that… everything was working today.
  • Nice and cool…57 when I left, and 68 now.  Stiff breeze at the 4 mi mark and kept on me for the duration…I imagine it was 5-10 mph headwind…which didn’t help my uphill efforts
  • Lots of runners out today… at least 6 by my count
  • Saw a snake on the bridge again… this one was a baby one though and it uncurled after I passed it.  Cute.
  • Chaffed nips…no bueno… I can still feel them.  Maybe I’ll be hunched over for the rest of the day 🙂

Up Next: 10 mi on Saturday, 8 min/mi

2 thoughts on “Thursday Tempo

    • 3:30 (8:00 min/mi) at this point.

      This weekend’s long run will tell more…I need to hit 10 mi @ 8:00 on Saturday and 20 mi @ 8:15 on Sunday.

      Lastly, I need to heed Ken and David’s advice of not jeopardizing the marathon by running Boulder Half too hard. With only two weeks, Ken said to take the first 8 mi super easy (I’ll spec that at upper 8’s). I think this means I won’t PR it, but that doesn’t bother me… what will be hard is watching everyone go by me.

      I just did the math:
      If I hold 8:44 (Colfax PR pace) for the first 8 mi, I will need to run the remaining 5.1 @ 7:40

      So, if I run the remaining 5.1 at least 7:39, I’ll PR it. That seems good to me since the 2nd half of the course is mostly downhill except for the finishing stretch. We’ll see.

      Anyways, I’m getting excited man… I haven’t raced in a long time… not that I win any but it’s just so much more exciting 🙂

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