Saturday Long Run

10.03 mi, 1:19:28, 7:55 min/mi

  • Piece of cake run…this felt nice and easy.  160 bpm avg. with a kick towards the end (~6:30 min/mi effort)
  • But then again, it was so cool out…it’s now 50 min after my run and it’s 57F, so probably low 50’s
  • The hills that I used to really be mindful about in my Reunion neighborhood no longer affect me…I mean they’re still harder, but it seems my cadence and pace stay relatively constant with just a bit of additional effort.
  • Play a game called “Don’t Suck at Pacing”… tried to keep every split even or negative…only lost one round (7th split) in 10 rounds and only by 1 second.  Used my “speed” page on my Garmin that shows my ‘Current Lap Pace’… and would typically switch to this page with 1/4 mile left on the split…which allowed me to tune my pace…worked relatively well.  I did try to keep all my splits even.
  • These upper 7 paces are starting to really feel good.  My stride feels really good, and I don’t even feel like I’m pushing off any more than I used to…I feel like my legs are stronger with simply more forward velocity per push…feels nice.
  • Breathing was very good!

Up Next: 20 mi @ 8:15 tomorrow…let’s nail this one…this is the big momma of my marathon training

2 thoughts on “Saturday Long Run

  1. Wait – you were worried about 8 minute pace for 8 the other day, right? And you did 10 at that that today and have 20 for tomorrow (Sunday)?

  2. yes, yes and yes.
    to be perfectly clear, ive been so worried about my marathon leading up to this week. last week, i started picking up a little bit of steam but i wasn’t sure if i still ‘had it in me’ to pull off these kind of weeks… and to top it all, running the CC trails have been very hard at previous times… where 8:45’s were some huge accomplishment for me. to be honest, 8 min/mi paces have really scared the crap out of me. and in fact, last Saturday, when I ran 6 mi at 7:55… i was so ecstatic… it was the first time i went some distance at a sub-8 pace. i can say that Saturday run really helped me get back on my feet.

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