2011-03-02 – Easy Tempo/Base

4.2 mi, 35 min, 168 bpm, near-perfect weather (little wind), -splits (8:57, 8:23, 8:21, 8:05)
Reunion Park

this was supposed to be an easy base run, but felt too good and pace/effort felt good so just rolled with it

mostly ran sub 8’s for the last mile or so and felt good…expecting to run low 7’s for the Runnin’ of the Green 7K race

4 thoughts on “2011-03-02 – Easy Tempo/Base

    • welp, it’s actually going really well. i think i was able to dig myself out with only a few feet more to go.

      i’ve broken down a few things in terms of where i’m at and possibly where the next round is going to take me.

      Weight. I’m about 12-14 lbs over my natural racing weight (more if i’m more anal about it). there’s obviously some negative impact there but what I’ve found is that I haven’t lost that much of my speed and turnover. it seems to me that maybe Type II muscles diminish slower. perhaps there’s less of them to atrophy…or perhaps, mine were never quite well-trained that relatively they didn’t degrade as much. I’m working on getting my weight down, but with very little emphasis. the weight loss will come naturally as i put more miles down.

      Technique. Because of my weight, i’ve found myself needing to become more efficient to compensate to level the playing ground. I’m striding better than i ever have before. turn overs are good when i need them, but have been really focusing on stride length and making sure i finish out each stride. i even found (obvious) differences when going uphill versus flat/down; the point is, i’m attacking the terrain differently… same power but different directional power. arms don’t come across my chest and hammering it. i think this part will pay off dividends in the long run.

      Base. The biggest effect to my haitus was my aerobic base. Capillarization, muscle recruitment (not really base), lung capacity, heart strength, core strength… has completely diminished. I tried to work on base as much as i can but with the full understanding that these things don’t come over night. in fact, i would probably need to endure a lot of pain to get these things back. I’m still working on this.

      Perceived Effort/Heart Rate
      To some degree, when I was at my peaks, HR mattered less to me and I paid more attention to PE. Roles are reversed right now…or were. I had to check my HR a lot. When I ran the ‘mill, I would place my 305 in front of me to see every change. At this point, PE and HR are starting to mesh and becoming less worried about HR (relatively…i still definitely pay attention to it). I’m starting to run sub 9’s under 160 (again)…however, what I’ve noticed is that I feel comfortable with low 160’s. It’s disappointing because I’d rather see high 150’s. I believe this will come back in time and will be better when I run with some better efficiency.

      Injury. Actually, lack thereof. Great bonus at this point. I think this goes to show me that I havent quite lost my form (although I fumbled a little trying to remember what running style actually felt natural to me). But, i take this with a grain of salt. I haven’t had any runs over 10 miles, yet.

      So, bigger pic… I’m slowly tweaking myself for a fall marathon (backroads). I’ve yet to complete that marathon so I think this year is the year. I’m actually putting myself through a pseudo-training plan “as if” i was running colfax. i do better when i have a training plan…even if it’s for naught. definitely back into it. i think about running all of the time now, and starting to open an eye towards the Colorado Marathon for 2012 to get my 3:30 or better.

      In fact, DB and I are gonna hit the Boulder Creek Path on Sunday (7a’ish) if you’re interested. Planning on around 12 miles.

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