2011-03-06 – Long Run/Weekly Wrapup

12 mi, 107 min, 171 bpm (yikes!), 520 ft
Boulder Creek Path w/ David Bryan

  • Ran this faster than I should’ve as evident from the HR
  • Hardest run so far this year but David kept me honest…and by that I mean he refused to let me go which would’ve allowed my brain to take over and make me walk
  • Recovery sucked…threw up in my mouth while driving but made it to the in-law’s for an hour nap and some grub
  • Had to tie my shoe once (4 second difference between avg pace and moving pace)
  • Dig deep type of run… I was definitely checked out by mile 10… DB gave me a shot block and some water…that helped some 10-15 min later
  • Looks like about 300 ft climbed from start to mile 2… good “warm up”
  • Fun run with lots of yuckiness towards the end, but pulled it through… 100% thanks to DB for pulling me through

Weekly Wrapup:

43.48 mi, 6:27:33 time
Good week for me… been a while since I put a week together like this.


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