2011-03-08 – Intervals + Weights

Original plan was to do 3×1600… turned into a set of some whacked out intervals:

  • 1200m, 5:04, 2% incline
  • 800m, 3:24, 1%
  • 1200m, 5:00, 0%
  • 400m, 2:17, 6%
  • 400m, 2:15, 6%
  • ~482m, 1:02, 6%

4.8 mi total, 46 min, 161 bpm

I probably don’t do enough hill training and I know there’s great value in it.  So, I’m going to start incorporating it.  The 6% for today was run conservatively… more for self-preservation.  I plan to get better at these…man, gotta love how some incline can really work some of those muscles.  The last interval was 6% at 7:30 pace… only last 1:02 minutes 🙂

Did leg extensions afterwards (both quads and hams) and half-assly worked my calves.

Anyways, not much to report here..this was a so-so run.  And no run yesterday, either.  Not off to a great start quite yet, I might double up today and hit the gym again later this afternoon.

Considering doing a carb load for this week’s 7K.  We’ll see…

3 thoughts on “2011-03-08 – Intervals + Weights

    • heh? that’s opposite of what i was thinking… i was thinking that at my pace and fitness, ill be tapping more glyco than fat…especially with those 170+ HRs. wouldn’t super compensating help that?

      that’s a probably really loaded topic (no pun intended)… i wish i still had noakes book…

      at any rate… no carb loading has really started.. my nutrition for these kind of things these days kind of suck anyways 🙂

      hey congrats on nominating your buddy homie… amazing how many people voted for him

  1. You have about 2000 cals of carb, or glycogen in your system. You will probably only use about 500 in the ROTG.

    Now, if it makes you feel better – great. But you ain’t going to run out of carbs.

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