2011-03-13 – Race Day/Weekly Wrapup

2011 Runnin’ of the Green
4.35 mi, 32:03 time, 173 bpm
76/621 32M Division
225/1689 Male
280/4009 Overall

  • Splits – 7:21, 7:41, 7:12, 7:20
  • Pretty much ran this race as I expected I would. I ran the first couple as conservatively as I could…letting people go and getting my fair share of passes
  • Felt very strong with 0.5 miles left and kicked it to the finish after the final corner
  • Goal was 32 min.. pretty much on the dot with some gas left in the tank. I’m running about 12-13 lbs overweight here
  • Course had a lot of hills and attacked them smartly…and I think efficiently.  Starting to get strong with hills.
  • Pre-race nutrition: Half a bagel, half of a short cup of Starbucks coffee, some water
  • Definitely a fun run.  Ran with friends, Amanda, Faraz, Jason, Mikey, Amy with the usual supporting cast of Amy, Craig, etc.

5 mi, 43:06 time, 159 bpm, -splits
Strong run…good setup for today’s run.  HR was on the money this time.

24 mi…not too many runs in this week.


2 thoughts on “2011-03-13 – Race Day/Weekly Wrapup

  1. Will do… I’m actually very excited about this year. I feel like I’m smarter and running more economically than last year… we’ll see. I think the Denver Marathon might be my race this year.

    Hey, I might be coming up Thursday ~11a (or whenever)… you down?

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