2011-03-14 – Monday Run

8.08 mi, 69 min, 166 bpm
Cherry Creek

  • Beautiful day and good overall effort…hills seem easier these days
  • Heartrate was pretty good again today
  • DTC Pkwy traffic killed my time… average moving pace was 8:21
  • Mild bonk between 5 and 6 miles… mostly because of the uphill (100 ft ascent over the mile)
  • Mile splits – 8:33, 8:26, 8:25, 8:18, 8:21, 8:36, 8:18, 9:13
  • Breathing was okay… the good rhtyhm of it came and went a few times
  • Misjudged this route…for some reason, I thought it was only 7 mi.
  • Compression socky time

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