2011-03-15 – Double Tuesday

4.6 mi, 41.5 min, 157 bpm, 1% mill
Reunion Rec Center

800m (3:15, 3:17), 400m (1:33)
Campus M.S. Track

9.54 mi total

  • Not such a great running day despite the mileage
  • Felt sluggish early this morning and felt the same way again when I went out for intervals
  • Not a whole lot in the tank by the time I got to the track.  Only did two 800’s and converted the last one to a 400… not super fast either
  • I’m finally admitting that both my tibia’s hurt a little bit… but more so my left one.  Just too much pounding from the last 2 weeks.  When I squat and put weight on the left one, it hurts… the right one is much better.  Going to have to take tomorrow very lightly…and considering just DNRing it
  • I think my acute injury was a huge factor in today’s intervals
  • I hate weather reports… they should be called “weather lottery”… just can’t trust these things.  It reported upper 50’s… riiight. more like low 40’s with a ton of wind.  forgot gloves again…so that sucked.  So, I tucked my hands into my sleeves..so I had no clue what my pace was heading out and back from the track (1.7 mi each way)… it was kind of nice not knowing… whatever.. I still like to know.
  • LOL 17.6 mi already on the week and it’s only Tuesday…

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