2011-03-17 – Thursday Tempo

7.21 mi total

1.86 mi warmup, 16:39, 166 bpm

3 mi tempo, -splits: 7:48, 7:46, 7:35, 168 bpm, windy
Campus M.S. Track

2.35 mi cooldown, 21:31, 162 bpm

  • Bah… weather looked super nice on paper but very windy.  chilly.
    Ended up layering up on top plus gloves
  • No nag from the shins… about what I expected that I’d be fine by today
  • Hit the tempo fairly conservatively…so I’d consider this more of a mild-to-medium tempo.. which is also evident from the 168 ahr.
    Definitely felt good out there… but not the most fun thing with the wind… but I figured it was just part of the resistance/tempo training for today 🙂
  • Slower than my tempo from last Thursday but I’m okay with that… just trying to judge the proper efforts for these runs and still have some left to actually make it back to the office
  • Tacked on extra mileage on the warmup (jog to the track) and the cooldown (jog back to the office) to get this closer to a 7 mi run.  Apparently, I miscalculated… stupid brain.


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