2011-03-21 – Monday Base/Long

12.52 mi, 1:57:18, 153 bpm, 254 ft gain, easy effort
Reunion/Commerce City area

  • Balked on doing a long run yesterday morning and didn’t get a chance to actually do it in the afternoon, so used today as my long run
  • Kept effort as easy as possible which resulted in mostly sub 150 bpm HR
  • Goal was to keep HR down and to go for 2 hours
  • Wanted to push for 13 and could’ve done relatively easily but just decided it to call it a run at 12.50
  • Nice breezy day, wore my new Nathan hydra (two 10 oz bottles)
  • Initial route I wanted to take was to run 112th all the way to DIA but boonie dogs put a little scare into me… i must’ve heard about 4 different barks passing by one house so I turned around knowing these houses do not usually have closed gates or fences…glad i did, when I looked back, so a couple of dogs out on the road where i was just at staring down at me.
  • Good, safe long routes in my area are so damn challenging to find 😦
  • Overall, I feel good about this run… I threw pace out of the window and focues on HR and felt really good for most of the run

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