Removing Security Policies on Windows 8

If you’ve added an account to your Windows 8 email app that consequently installed a mobile policy that has disabled your picture password, you might find out that simply removing the email account does not remove the policy. And you may be wanting to do this because you find the picture password much easier to authenticate with rather than typing your long password.

So how do you remove the policy? Well there’s probably a number of ways to do this, but here’s’s one:

  1. Do a search for ‘policy’.
    “Apps” won’t have any search results, but look under “Settings”.
  2. On the search results, click “Reset Security Policies”.
    If you don’t see this, it’s probably because there aren’t any security policies to reset and you’re already good to go. You can still click “Edit Group Policy” to get to it, though.
  3. After clicking “Reset Security Policies”, you will be navigated to the “User Accounts” control panel, and from there, you can (truly) click “Reset Security Policies”.

At this point, the picture password feature is automatically re-enabled for you. You don’t need to enable it or even restart your machine.


2 thoughts on “Removing Security Policies on Windows 8

  1. Can you please explain exactly where you perform the search. Rackspace has enforced some sort of policy on my Windows 8 mobile and it now requires a PIN to access the phone.

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