How Cliché

How cliché that I’m deciding to really get back into running now that the new year is upon us.

I’d say that’s just coincidence. Regardless of coincidence, motivation, reasons, etc, the true fact is that I’m back. I may not blog as much about my running as I did in the past. And I may not blog about how “good I thought I was” like I did in the past. This year, I’m a bit more grounded. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight since my peak shape in 2010. I’m also much slower. What I want to accomplish is to record my transformation.

When I post my initial runs, they’re going to be mediocre at best. Of course, that’s all relative. I’m hoping that I push myself hard enough to get near my 2010 Colfax Marathon shape, well… because, I’m signed up for the same race again in 2014. It will be very interesting to me when I compare these races.

My 18-week training program officially starts on Jan13.

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