20141029 Run

4.1mi, 37:19, 3mi tempo
8:51, 8:41, 8:43 splits

This run felt pretty good, too. My heart rate was awesome coming out of the gate, albeit, I was going at a snail’s pace. This was going to be a 3mi tempo, and knowing there was this ugly hill on the way back, I decided to keep it relatively mild. Decided on a sub9 pace around 8:50. The first 2 miles felt great, but I don’t know what it is about this stupid 2% hill coming back. Perhaps it’s more than 2% and I calculated it wrong. Either way, it sucked. Still managed an 8:43 pace out of it.

Gotta love douche bag teenage drivers who don’t observe the rules of the road. Try going around the roundabout next time, dick, and don’t try to stare me down as if you weren’t doing anything wrong. Above all that, it was right at the very end of the 3rd tempo mile when I was pretty much dying.


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