20141103 Run

4.1 mi, 38:13, 173 bpm, 178 spm

Bleh…I was going to do a longer run today; somewhere in the neighborhood of about 8-10. I postponed from going earlier because of the freezing rain, and when it finally let up, I got ready to go. I totally forgot I had bundles of twigs to set out for the trash, so I did that for a bit (in my running gear). While doing that, I realized that it was much chillier than I thought.

Basically, once I set out for my run, I decided to make this quicker; “get out, get in”. I’ll do my long run tomorrow. The sun started to poke through 1.5mi in. After my turn around, I saw a guy about 50 feet away joining me on my path. He later caught up to me but I was consciously trying to keep up a decent pace prior so he wouldn’t pass me. By the time he passed me, I was hovering around low-to-mid 8’s. I venture he was doing 8’s. He looked comfortable. I miss when that used to be me. Oh well.

Alright, shooting for a 100mi November. I might have to double up on some days, but we’ll see.


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