20141104 Run

10.1mi, 1:45:03, 159bpm

2.0mi, 36:45

This was supposed to be a 12mi run. I just couldn’t muster up the final two miles (hence the 2-mile walk back). Let’s just say that’s a cooldown. Oh well. I’ll try again next week.

Everything felt good and looked good; I just had my watch on the Heart Rate page and tried to stay within limits. At first, it was low 150s, and obviously this started to creep towards the upper 150s. The wheels started to come off after turning around; around mile 7-8. Heart rate started to stick within mid-160s. As much as I dialed things back, it never recovered below 160.

I blame the Halloween candy.

Anyways, I’m not too bummed about this. I just know that my fitness level and jumping up 17% in long distance isn’t probably quite the right ratio just yet. Which reminds me of this quote:

“Just keep on swimming”



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