20141110-11 Run

1.0mi, 7:09, 171bpm (yesterday)

6.1mi, 56:35, 168bpm (today)

Brrrrr! Two cold runs. I went out yesterday with just shorts, but decently covered upper..but yet, it was still cold. Decided to just run around the neighborhood and do a mile as fast as I could.

Today was also very cold but I tried my best to dress appropriately. 3 upper layers, double gloves, double socks, and under armour bottoms + shorts. It was cold starting out but I settled in and got a bit more comfortable; so I decided to run 6 mi instead. Bad mistake. The wind was behind me so it felt good. After the turn around, that’s when things started to get bad. It wasn’t too bad at first but I definitely felt the frigid head wind. After about a mile, I realized that I couldn’t feel much anymore; including my penis.

I started running with my hands covering my junk just to deflect the wind. I thought it was gonna fall off. It was cold! It was 14 out. When I finally got home, I just undressed all the way and waited for my body’s temp to catch up (before hopping into the shower). It turns out that my toes were the worst off. It took a while for those suckers to warm up; before I could finally feel them again.

On another thought: the 9:16 pace was nice to see.

At any rate…I think I’ll dreadmill next time when it’s that cold!


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