Can’t Make Up My Mind

..but I’m going to. now.

At first, I had my blog, then I decided to consolidate it with just a more general blog (this one) where I could post about other things.

The thing is, anybody that does end up reading this blog (any of it) is not going to care much about the other the stuff.

For that reason, I’m going to resurrect the old site, and furthermore, I will *begin* blogging about running once again.

Along the same lines of not making my mind up, I can’t seem to stay on the running wagon. But things have changed. New job (same landscape as when I did well in running where I can actually get out before lunch consistently), new attitude, new friends from church that are genuinely interested in running and getting better, etc the list goes on. So this is it. I’m getting back on and I’m holding on for the ride. A 2016 3:30 marathon is in my sights.