20141031 Run

Happy Halloween, folks!

6.12mi, 56:43, 168bpm

This was a nice, medium run for me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but decided about a mile in that this would be more of a “feeler” run. I covered up my watch, and just ran. I wanted to just feel everything out and see what my body and mind wanted to run. Right of the bat, though, I felt a little bit of fatigue on my left quad. At any rate, I tried to avoid thinking about it, which I did for the most part.

Overall, I felt pretty good. Even the final (2% inc) mile felt relatively good. The  weather was beautiful. I simply love the fall-weather runs. It was also nice to get away from looking at my watch. I found myself looking at my watch a lot during my runs.

This run closes out the month of October for me; the month where I kickstarted my running. I did have about a week of vacation (Disneyworld) where I wasn’t able to run. Here’s the summary:

58.91mi, 566.6min, 9:35min/mi

Going forward, I’m going to have to get this number back to 100mi+ months.


20141029 Run

4.1mi, 37:19, 3mi tempo
8:51, 8:41, 8:43 splits

This run felt pretty good, too. My heart rate was awesome coming out of the gate, albeit, I was going at a snail’s pace. This was going to be a 3mi tempo, and knowing there was this ugly hill on the way back, I decided to keep it relatively mild. Decided on a sub9 pace around 8:50. The first 2 miles felt great, but I don’t know what it is about this stupid 2% hill coming back. Perhaps it’s more than 2% and I calculated it wrong. Either way, it sucked. Still managed an 8:43 pace out of it.

Gotta love douche bag teenage drivers who don’t observe the rules of the road. Try going around the roundabout next time, dick, and don’t try to stare me down as if you weren’t doing anything wrong. Above all that, it was right at the very end of the 3rd tempo mile when I was pretty much dying.

20141028 Run

8.1 mi, 1:20:17, negative splits

I missed doing my long run yesterday, so today was it. This was a really good run despite I wanted to run longer than 8mi, but I’ll take it. Today’s run was a bit later than usual. Usually, I like to run after dropping my son off at daycare. Unfortunately, things with higher priorities come into play.

The temp today was really nice. The integrated temperature reading in Garmin Connect says it’s 54, while my fenix2 shows 68 (which sounds reasonable since it’s closer to another heat source: me). I actually had to wear gloves today (yes, I know, it was 54). I love my gloves for temperature ranges of 32-60; it doesn’t get too warm and keeps my hands’ temp regulated.

I started out easy but my HR sky rocketed. This has been the story of my running career, though. It took about 10 minutes for it to drop to about 140. At that point, I’m just a bit passed the mile mark. I decided I would do 6 mi, but then later decided I would do 8. I felt really good. I played the split games and tried to go negative on each split. Mission accomplished, even with the ascent at the end of the run. I’ll take it. I felt strong today. I just kept the entire run a bit easy.

On another note, I’m going to start running +0.1 miles more than whole numbers. It seems that I can’t delete a track from my fenix2, which is helpful when I run .000001 miles longer before I hit the stop button and all the averages get skewed, like my cadence. For example, on today’s run, instead of running 8, I ran 8.1. This gives my watch enough data (about a minute’s worth) post the whole number.

Inbox by Gmail

This week, I received my Google Inbox invitation from one of my wife’s good friends who works for Google. I’ve been using it the last few days, but not to the extent to be able to review it completely. Today, however, I did more things with it.

Although I’m not super impressed with it (just yet), it is a fresh perspective on email. It actually took me a while to start getting used to it. Here are some info and quick impressions:

  • It only works in the Chrome browser, Android and iOS phones.
    Being a predominantly Windows user, this didn’t bode well for me. So, for now, I’m only using it in my Chrome browser on my desktop. I did download it on my iPad (that being my only iOS device) but the app itself is designed for the phone. It looks horrible in it’s zoomed out state.
  • It has a concept called Bundles
    Bundles allows you to, well, bundle your emails. The predefined bundles are Promos, Updates, Purchases, etc. You can create your own bundles akin to creating your own tags. In fact, I’m not quite sure if bundles and tags are the same thing/concept within Inbox.
  • I had a hard time determining if I had new emails or not. Part of it is because of the bundles and how the emails collapse within those bundles. For example, a bundle may say “Promos (25+)” and I wasn’t quite sure if I had any new emails in there.
    New emails do show up in bold, as they did in Gmail, and maybe it does the same thing for bundles (and just haven’t seen it light up that way yet).
    I have to say, most of the bundles are accurate – and you do have the ability to fix it if an email was incorrectly placed in a bundle.
  • Google Inbox have Reminders that are first-class citizens within the app
    You can now create reminders for yourself and they show up just like an email would. It’s like sending an email to yourself. I may consider using this over Trello. I’ll have to see how accessible these reminders are from my other devices.
  • Finally, you can pin items. Emails, Reminders, etc.
    With one click of a button, you can view all of your pinned items. I can’t say that I’m that impressed with how Google implemented this feature. A toggle button, thought it makes sense, just seems a bit off to me. Here’s a screenshot:
    I’m not exactly sure how I would’ve done it myself, being a developer/designer, but I actually stayed away from that button for the first few days because I didn’t know what it was (until I watched the YouTube video). My best guess is that the experience is best suited for touch devices.
    I think what’s bothering me about it is because there’s a left-side navigation menu that switches it from one view to another, and then there are other ‘toggling’ features (on/off type of UI) that were implemented using a single icon that is either colored in (blue) or disabled (gray). I don’t know, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll probably do a couple more reviews on it later.

WinJS Everywhere

I’m a bit late to posting about this (about a month), but apparently WinJS has gone everywhere.

I love working WinJS in my Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. I’m at the point where I’m very familiar (and dare I say good) with it, so I was really excited to read about this. In fact, I had heard about this a few weeks ago, but didn’t really get the chance to get into it; maybe I was still in vacation.

Now, I’m building a new site (Beyond Endurance Sports; “BES”) that will allow all the runners that have used my Marathon Training Google Spreadsheet

Sorry AngularJS, you’re going to be taking a backseat.

20141024 Run

4mi, 38:10
2mi tempo splits: 8:39, 8:23

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today..I was initially thinking of doing some mild hills around my neighborhood. I got a little gun shy, so I just went with the 2mi tempo. Not as good as earlier this week, but I’ll take it. I think my body is adjusting to the load; I’m at 36+ miles for Oct (24mi of it being this week), and been piling on the mileage (relatively speaking to my fitness level) in the last 2 weeks.

This may be my last run this week, but we’ll see.

20141023 Run

59:12, 6mi, 169 bpm, 176spm

This run really sucked. It reminded me how much I am out of shape.


  • Finally got my Garmin Fenix 2 all fixed up. Before, it had two issues: 1) it was uploading runs as Uncategorized, and 2) the Running Dynamics portion (measures cadence, etc) had incorrect averages.
    After 2 separate support email threads (lasting a few weeks), we performed a “master reset” (basically restarting the watch while holding the Down button). I was skeptical that this would work, so very pleasantly surprised to see a whole ton of data.Just take a look at this screenshot:
    (or you can just visit the link up top)

20141021 Run

4mi with a 2mi tempo

Splits: 8:33, 7:56

Tempo runs these days aren’t quite what they used to be, but I’ll take this one. Looks like my stride length increased during the tempo (1.06m, 1.13m) with a 180ish cadence (stride frequency, SF). I’m going to keep an eye on my SL and SF during my training; mostly because I’ll find it interesting. Ultimately, my body and fitness level will dictate all of those values.

Anyone who’s reading this, and knows me, may be wondering what the heck I’m doing blogging about running again. Well, it turns out that I registered for the 2015 Colfax Marathon. I think writing about my adventures again will help me stay on track this time.

Watched some Max King videos today.

2015 Subaru WRX

I’ve been eyeing the new 2015 Subaru WRX as my next car. My 2015 Evo is reaching that point. As such, I’ve been reading and viewing all sorts of reviews about the WRX. They’re all good, but I really enjoyed watching this head to head review of the 2015 WRX versus the 2014 Ford Focus ST.

You can watch it here: