Base Wednesday

7.37 mi, 1:04:01, 8:41 min/mi

  • 165 Avg HR, medium effort
  • Good rhythm and starting to find my niche again
  • Hotter than I would expect even with the cloud cover.  After coming back in, the elevators showed that it was 73 out…hmm.  Felt hot… and I’m sticking to that.
  • Kicked it to near sub-6 pace towards the end…it’s a little downhill but I felt revived… and felt good having that kick at the end.

Up Next: 8 mi, 8:00 min/mi YIKES!


Base Wednesday

7.88 mi, 1:09:56, 8:45 min/mi (moving pace)

  • With all of the lights, I’m starting to look at my moving pace instead
  • Hot today, and switched to bonk mode by the time I hit Cherry Creek State Park… so pretty much bonked it back for the next 4 miles
  • Kept looking at my avg pace on my Garmin and it kept getting higher and higher, up to 9:30 min/mi… THEN, when I finally got back to the office, I realized that I was on my “speed” page and I actually wasn’t reading my avg pace… I would’ve been okay with 9:30, I guess… it’s been a while since I’ve been in the 9’s.

Wednesday Base Run

7.22 mi, 1:02:45, 8:41 min/mi

  • First Cherry Creek run… and it was a beauty; nice overcast day, cool breeze
  • Printed a map…glad I did… I would’ve second guessed myself of when to turn into the park
  • Felt good but HR was a bit higher than I would’ve expected
  • I was surprised… only about 5% of the entire run was on dirt… everything else was paved.
  • Put some kick towards the end

BTW, there’s been some evac’s in Boulder due to some fire.  I just heard that Dave has not logged in and is not at work, so I hope he hasn’t been evacutated.  Good luck, Dave!