20141021 Run

4mi with a 2mi tempo

Splits: 8:33, 7:56

Tempo runs these days aren’t quite what they used to be, but I’ll take this one. Looks like my stride length increased during the tempo (1.06m, 1.13m) with a 180ish cadence (stride frequency, SF). I’m going to keep an eye on my SL and SF during my training; mostly because I’ll find it interesting. Ultimately, my body and fitness level will dictate all of those values.

Anyone who’s reading this, and knows me, may be wondering what the heck I’m doing blogging about running again. Well, it turns out that I registered for the 2015 Colfax Marathon. I think writing about my adventures again will help me stay on track this time.

Watched some Max King videos today.


Honeymoon Week 1

My first week of my honeymoon phase is officially in the books.

30.7 mi
5:44:33 hr
All treadmill, no incline

I feel good. The knee/ACL feels good. Heart rate is starting to settle down.

One more week of this honeymoon phase, and then it’s officially training time (18-weeks). I need to make sure that I’m acknowledging that this is just a honeymoon phase and not get too carried away. There were way too many bad habits to break, and still working on all of that. No weight loss, I expect to see some real weight loss after the 3rd week.

How Cliché

How cliché that I’m deciding to really get back into running now that the new year is upon us.

I’d say that’s just coincidence. Regardless of coincidence, motivation, reasons, etc, the true fact is that I’m back. I may not blog as much about my running as I did in the past. And I may not blog about how “good I thought I was” like I did in the past. This year, I’m a bit more grounded. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight since my peak shape in 2010. I’m also much slower. What I want to accomplish is to record my transformation.

When I post my initial runs, they’re going to be mediocre at best. Of course, that’s all relative. I’m hoping that I push myself hard enough to get near my 2010 Colfax Marathon shape, well… because, I’m signed up for the same race again in 2014. It will be very interesting to me when I compare these races.

My 18-week training program officially starts on Jan13.