Monday Long Run

10.29 mi, 1:40:15, 9:44 min/mi

  • Did some trail running in Cherry Creek…no map, no clue… just went for it.  Got lost a little bit but it was nice running in the trees
  • Felt good for the most part but the heat took it’s toll on me, eventually…felt really ill when I got back to work
  • Ran into another runner named Jeff…actually, caught up to him and we ran for a bit together.  Nice fella.
  • I wanted to do 12 mi to make up for yesterday’s DNR but 10 mi will do… I think doing this run probably saved my marathon…I feel like I’m jjuuuuussst there with my base… even though this run sucked… I feel better about it already.
  • Now, having said “I feel better” about this run.. I actually had to stop a few seconds in the shade… man it was hot.
  • I actually stopped quite a few times to look at some posted signs that turned out to “not be” maps…plus all the traffic… so I imagine my moving pace may just be right at 9 min/mi.