20141104 Run

10.1mi, 1:45:03, 159bpm

2.0mi, 36:45

This was supposed to be a 12mi run. I just couldn’t muster up the final two miles (hence the 2-mile walk back). Let’s just say that’s a cooldown. Oh well. I’ll try again next week.

Everything felt good and looked good; I just had my watch on the Heart Rate page and tried to stay within limits. At first, it was low 150s, and obviously this started to creep towards the upper 150s. The wheels started to come off after turning around; around mile 7-8. Heart rate started to stick within mid-160s. As much as I dialed things back, it never recovered below 160.

I blame the Halloween candy.

Anyways, I’m not too bummed about this. I just know that my fitness level and jumping up 17% in long distance isn’t probably quite the right ratio just yet. Which reminds me of this quote:

“Just keep on swimming”



Sunday Long Run – The Big Momma Run

19.00 mi, 2:37:02, 8:15 min/mi

  • Success?  Yes or No?  You decide.  My goal was 20 mi @ 8:15 pace.  Got the pace down but off by one mile.  So the conceptual question is ‘Did I have enough for another mile for the next 8 min and 15 sec?’  Any my answer to that is ‘YES’.
  • So let’s consider a few more things here:
  1. I practically ran this unfueled… kind of.  I hydrated at 6 mi with a light water/gatorade mix approx 6 oz on 4 sips.  The next was a Gu at 12 mi with the same amount of hydration.  That’s it.
  2. I’ve been nailing every single run this week and then some and in fact, my Monday run, that was supposed to be 5 mi was actually 10 mi… so the total for this week is 63.29 mi!
  3. 3 weeks before this run was a string of inconsistent weeks…kind of.  The last two weeks have been sort of consistent but it was only last week that I started nailing both mileage and pace.  I’m always told that run training is cumulative…and I can say that I’ve done a lot to catch up to the lack thereof.
  • So to me, if I consider those things, I feel like it was a successful run.  In fact, intangibly, I feel like my confidence is built up for a 3:30 marathon in 3 weeks.
  • My feet feel like they got paddled a billion times…or around 40,000 times.  Hobbling around the house with gingerly steps but everything’s good.. this is expected.
  • Played the “Don’t Suck at Pacing” game again.  Check out these splits:
  1. 8:23
  2. 8:18
  3. 8:19
  4. 8:18
  5. 8:17
  6. 8:17
  7. 8:15
  8. 8:14
  9. 8:14
  10. 8:15
  11. 8:13
  12. 8:14
  13. 8:14
  14. 8:14
  15. 8:16 (only bad round and because i misjudged it)
  16. 8:12
  17. 8:15
  18. 8:13
  19. 8:10
  • HR was great but picked up after the 13th mile
  • Felt some weirdness in my right knee (runner’s knee) at around 17 mi and stepping on a rock caused me to cuss up a storm…who in the world left the rock there!?  I didn’t really cuss but I was like “well, that didn’t help…”
  • Same strides as before…feels bouncy but it works.  These strides give me the ability to push when I need to but feel efficient
  • Cool start at 47F, and around 66F when I returned… the path around the lake was nice and not a lot of bugs.
  • So exactly why did I stop at 19?  Well, I think I just simply had about enough…felt the boredom which is usually triggered by fatigue.  I actually had a perceived bonk at 17 but pushed through.  Most of the hilly parts became tougher and tougher but playing the “DSAP” game helps a lot…I may actually try to coin a term here, if not already done so, and call it “Micro Pacing”… I’m telling you, with a few tweaks to the rules, this can really help people…I want to blog about it.  It’s not rocket science but it’s a way to work with the tools at hand (i.e. your GPS watches)

I’d like to hear what my few readers think…did I nail this one or not?  Answers won’t offend me, I feel like I did and my confidence is up…wow, I didn’t know I had this kind of run in me!

Up Next: 1/2M race next Saturday, but overall tapering for the next 3 weeks.  The Denver Rock ‘N’ Roll race is on Oct 17.

Saturday Long Run

10.03 mi, 1:19:28, 7:55 min/mi

  • Piece of cake run…this felt nice and easy.  160 bpm avg. with a kick towards the end (~6:30 min/mi effort)
  • But then again, it was so cool out…it’s now 50 min after my run and it’s 57F, so probably low 50’s
  • The hills that I used to really be mindful about in my Reunion neighborhood no longer affect me…I mean they’re still harder, but it seems my cadence and pace stay relatively constant with just a bit of additional effort.
  • Play a game called “Don’t Suck at Pacing”… tried to keep every split even or negative…only lost one round (7th split) in 10 rounds and only by 1 second.  Used my “speed” page on my Garmin that shows my ‘Current Lap Pace’… and would typically switch to this page with 1/4 mile left on the split…which allowed me to tune my pace…worked relatively well.  I did try to keep all my splits even.
  • These upper 7 paces are starting to really feel good.  My stride feels really good, and I don’t even feel like I’m pushing off any more than I used to…I feel like my legs are stronger with simply more forward velocity per push…feels nice.
  • Breathing was very good!

Up Next: 20 mi @ 8:15 tomorrow…let’s nail this one…this is the big momma of my marathon training

Monday Long Run

10.29 mi, 1:40:15, 9:44 min/mi

  • Did some trail running in Cherry Creek…no map, no clue… just went for it.  Got lost a little bit but it was nice running in the trees
  • Felt good for the most part but the heat took it’s toll on me, eventually…felt really ill when I got back to work
  • Ran into another runner named Jeff…actually, caught up to him and we ran for a bit together.  Nice fella.
  • I wanted to do 12 mi to make up for yesterday’s DNR but 10 mi will do… I think doing this run probably saved my marathon…I feel like I’m jjuuuuussst there with my base… even though this run sucked… I feel better about it already.
  • Now, having said “I feel better” about this run.. I actually had to stop a few seconds in the shade… man it was hot.
  • I actually stopped quite a few times to look at some posted signs that turned out to “not be” maps…plus all the traffic… so I imagine my moving pace may just be right at 9 min/mi.

Sunday Long Run

10+ mi, 1:27:54, 8:47 min/mi
2 mi of jogging, running around and hanging out

  • 20-mile goal..obviously only halfway
  • Started to get a little bored on the 1.3 mi loop and missing my wife
  • I’m okay with just this 10… I know that my base is lacking right now but only a mild fatigue set in.  If I were to project this run out, I think I would’ve hit 20 mi, roughly around 8:50 min/mi.
  • I still have one 20-miler left, so I will nail that one
  • Achy feet afterwards

At the end of my last loop, I saw my wife coming to find me, so that capped my run.  She urged me to keep running, but honestly, we hardly have had any time together as her hours have been a mix of nights and days and coupled with my school nights, it seems I’ve only seen her partly this week.  It was so nice to see her and and dogs out…I didn’t care about the 20-miler..I’d rather hang out with her and walk around and chase the dogs around!  It was fun!

In terms of my upcoming 1/2Mar on Sept 19, race director Jeff Mason has (or will be) postponing the race.  Because of my full marathon training, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the race whenever they decided to reschedule it.

Saturday Long Run

10.01 mi, 01:21, 8:09 min/mi

  • Good breathing on the first 6+ miles
  • Tried to cover some ground in the remaining 4
  • Sun out, but super cool breeze… glad I wore my UA
  • Good form and breathing… 90% race ready
  • Weighed in at 121.8 lbs after the run… started the week at 125 lbs… almost at race weight for next week
  • 20 miles tomorrow.

Sunday Run

12.05 mi @ 8:27 min/mi (28.36 mi for the week on 3 runs)

  • Started earlier at 725a to beat the heat
  • Felt good, but scrapped the idea of hitting 8’s for this one
  • HR was mid 160’s, effort was consistent and easy…kept the pressure off of myself by just running it and not paying tooo much attention to pace
  • Had to fight the urge to quit on the 4th loop (each loop is 2.4 mi) and I said screw it kept going, but kept it at an effort so that I don’t end up walking 2.4 mi 🙂
  • HR was up on the 5th loop

Good run for me and simply paying the price for all of my DNR’s.  No worries, that’s how it goes.  No more DNR’s from here on out though… it’s crunch time baby.

I’ve been toying with the idea of scrapping my 330 marathon goal.  It’s actually been on my mind for quite some time before all of the DNR’s.  It’s almost like at this point, an 8:10 pace is where I should be at for this race which would still be a nice time for me at 3:33:58.  Though, my 2nd-tier goal would be 340 which lands around an 8:23 pace.  Hmmm, I can smell the pacing strategy now… start out at 8:23 pace, and pick at it during the downhills.  Revert to 8:23 on flats and hills.  Hmmm… indeed.

I’m Back!

10.11 mi @ 8:14 pace

Yes, some of you have wondered if I officially checked out…no I haven’t.  I think with all the work shuffle, and just a bunch of other stuff, I needed to just step back a little bit.  Though, I certainly still craved it on my many DNR’s in the past 3 weeks, it was nice to get away from running.  With that said, I was also nervous because I’m 9 weeks aways from the Denver Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon.

So, with the new blog, new job, new routes, new etc., I will have to institute some changes in how I blog.  From now on, I’ll hold back on all the fluff and just put some hard facts up first and a link to my workout.  After that, it will be 2-3 sentences max, unless the run really had something fun to talk about.

Also, I won’t be putting titles on my garmin results anymore… just too much work.

I just have to make sure that blogging about running doesn’t take as long as a 5K 🙂

I just checked, my last “nice” run was almost a month ago!  My 17-miler … but I have a 20 miler next week…let’s nail that one, shall we?