20141028 Run

8.1 mi, 1:20:17, negative splits

I missed doing my long run yesterday, so today was it. This was a really good run despite I wanted to run longer than 8mi, but I’ll take it. Today’s run was a bit later than usual. Usually, I like to run after dropping my son off at daycare. Unfortunately, things with higher priorities come into play.

The temp today was really nice. The integrated temperature reading in Garmin Connect says it’s 54, while my fenix2 shows 68 (which sounds reasonable since it’s closer to another heat source: me). I actually had to wear gloves today (yes, I know, it was 54). I love my gloves for temperature ranges of 32-60; it doesn’t get too warm and keeps my hands’ temp regulated.

I started out easy but my HR sky rocketed. This has been the story of my running career, though. It took about 10 minutes for it to drop to about 140. At that point, I’m just a bit passed the mile mark. I decided I would do 6 mi, but then later decided I would do 8. I felt really good. I played the split games and tried to go negative on each split. Mission accomplished, even with the ascent at the end of the run. I’ll take it. I felt strong today. I just kept the entire run a bit easy.

On another note, I’m going to start running +0.1 miles more than whole numbers. It seems that I can’t delete a track from my fenix2, which is helpful when I run .000001 miles longer before I hit the stop button and all the averages get skewed, like my cadence. For example, on today’s run, instead of running 8, I ran 8.1. This gives my watch enough data (about a minute’s worth) post the whole number.