Saturday Pre Race Run

5.10 mi, 40:41, 7:58 min/mi, 164 bpm

  • Good run, good pacing, probably a little harder than I should’ve gone but oh well
  • Overshot the goal of 4 mi thinking today was a 6 mi run…and yeah, and faster than the 8:00 min/mi goal (barely)
  • I feel good though and I don’t think I’ve jeopardized anything here…these types of runs are becoming easier for me.

So tomorrow is my 2010 Boulder ‘Backroads’ 1/2 Marathon;  A tune-up race for the 2010 Denver Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon on Oct 17.  My 1/2 PR is 1:49:44 (8:22 min/mi pace), set earlier this year.  If I go for an easy number to PR with, I would go with 1:48, and if I take the first 8 miles easy and pick say, 8:40 for an easy pace, then I would just need to pull out a 7:34 for the remaining 5.1 mi.  Definitely do-able.  As a matter of fact, though, I have not made up my mind of how I’m going to race tomorrow.  My training guide says to run 12 mi @ 8:00 min/mi tomorrow…so I’m thinking..okay, so what’s the difference?  How about I run an easy 1 mi, say 9 min/mi, then hit 8:00 (probably more like 8:20 for the remaining 5 mi uphill, and 7:40 downhill) for the remaining 12….that would yield a ~1:46 time.

We’ll see.