Sunday Run

12.05 mi @ 8:27 min/mi (28.36 mi for the week on 3 runs)

  • Started earlier at 725a to beat the heat
  • Felt good, but scrapped the idea of hitting 8’s for this one
  • HR was mid 160’s, effort was consistent and easy…kept the pressure off of myself by just running it and not paying tooo much attention to pace
  • Had to fight the urge to quit on the 4th loop (each loop is 2.4 mi) and I said screw it kept going, but kept it at an effort so that I don’t end up walking 2.4 mi 🙂
  • HR was up on the 5th loop

Good run for me and simply paying the price for all of my DNR’s.  No worries, that’s how it goes.  No more DNR’s from here on out though… it’s crunch time baby.

I’ve been toying with the idea of scrapping my 330 marathon goal.  It’s actually been on my mind for quite some time before all of the DNR’s.  It’s almost like at this point, an 8:10 pace is where I should be at for this race which would still be a nice time for me at 3:33:58.  Though, my 2nd-tier goal would be 340 which lands around an 8:23 pace.  Hmmm, I can smell the pacing strategy now… start out at 8:23 pace, and pick at it during the downhills.  Revert to 8:23 on flats and hills.  Hmmm… indeed.