Up-To-Friday Summary

Recovery Monday: 4.14 mi, 36:07, 8:43 min/mi, 158 bpm

  • The right knee bothered me…feels like runner’s knee but could still be the ill-effects from bashing it from playing kickball many months ago.
  • Goal was 5 mi but I didn’t want to risk serious injury on my right knee… plus it hurt.
  • Good splits.

Track Tuesday:
1.68 mi warmup to the track (8:48 min/mi)
3×800’s (2:54, 2:57, 2:54), 1×400 (1:30)
1.67 mi cooldown back to the office (8:50 min/mi)

  • Got some kicks in with this run and these sub 3 800’s are feeling pretty good
  • Something about 800’s still make me nervous though, like this fear of breathing too hard and not enjoying that…I tend to hold back.  Still have not hit another 2:40 😦
  • Stupidly hot day…I actually contemplated doing this on the ‘mill but decided to stick it out.  Glad I only did 3 800s instead of 6… it was hard getting back to the office
  • 172, 174, 171, 159 bpm’s on the 800’s and 400

Base Wednesday: 7.04 mi, 1:00:54, 8:39 min/mi, 159 bpm

  • Worked from home so ran Reunion.  Great-feeling run…probably one of the easiest 7-milers I’ve ever done
  • Not as warm as it looked outside…which was great…but windy.
  • Splits were good

Tempo Thursday: 4.71 mi, 34:50, 7:24 min/mi, 172 bpm

  • Awesome tempo and splits were great: 7:25, 7:25, 7:24, 7:22, 7:22
  • Goal was 5 mi…made it Fiddler’s green at 2 mi, decided to just cut it short and turned back.  I had no clue where I was going, but primarily just followed a path that allowed me to not have to wait for or dodge cars at intersections
  • Decided to take the long way back…felt too good, so almost the 5 miles but turned out to be a pretty good distance to run.  Got the legs kicking.
  • The sub 7:30 feels pretty damn good…I can’t believe that I’m actually going that fast because I feel like I’m not putting that much more effort into it… I mean, it just feels like…like I’m running…not sprinting or anything excessive.  With an additional kick, I’m pretty sure I can hold sub 6:30 in a 5K.
  • Changed up my Garmin FR305 pages to display Current Lap Pace… what a handy piece of data when you’re trying to nail awesome splits.  This replaces the HR data which I don’t really care for right now.  Those are good to view…but I’m starting to feel more confident about my limits, thus, if I hold the proper splits, it’s as good as pacing-by-HR.

Friday: Rest

September Totals: 192.43 mi, 27:24:43
2010 Totals: 1385.72 mi, 201:10:26,

Up Next: 4 mi @ 8:00 min/mi on Saturday.  I’ll probably tune this down 10% both mileage and distance.
Sunday is my Boulder Half Marathon pace.  Projecting a PR with an first easy 8 miles…spec’ing out a sub 1:50.