Track Tuesday

1.72 mi warmup, 17:32, 10:11 min/mi
5×400, 1:17, 1:27, 1:26, 1:22, 1:23
1×200 :39
1.57 mi cooldown, 16:35, 10:34 min/mi

  • Pretty hot out but it was nice to really get out to the track again.  I’m going to make this a habit on Tuesday’s since it’s only about 1.5 mi away
  • There are two tracks at Cherry Creek and I ended up taking a turn prematurely and ended up at the one I didn’t intend
  • Last time I was on this field, I scored a 65 yr TD run when I was a freshmen!
  • Speaking of freshmen, there were some on the field… on my first interval, I blasted past all of them and heard some “oh shit” type of remarks…it warmed my heart… then so did the sun